How Do I Stop My Shoes From Giving Me Blisters

Breaking out new shoes can be exciting until you discover that you are experiencing some blisters. These blisters can cause pain on your feet, making it uncomfortable to walk freely. You should, therefore, find a significant want to stop shoes from forming blisters on your feet. Outlined herein are some of the top tips you may consider to protect your feet against blisters. 1. Getting the perfect shoe size If the shoe is too small, then it is apparent that it will continuously rub against your feet causing blisters. It is thus recommended that you get the right shoe size that comfortably fits you to avoid blisters formations. 2. Applying antiperspirant on your feet This antiperspirant reduces sweating hence avoiding much friction between your feet and the shoe. Consider swiping this antiperspirant therefore over your feet and wait until it is dry before you can put on your shoes. learn…Keep Reading