The 7 Best Photoshop Tips And Techniques For Beginners

Photoshop is an enjoyable and easy tool but it is difficult to master. The good thing is that help is at hand with the tips and techniques that are comprehensive. Anytime you are find more tips and techniques on using layers, guidance to using Raw, pen tool mastering or how to better your brushwork, it’s here now. Changing of Unit Measurement Switching between units of measurements can be done in a quick and short manner. This is done by placing the cursor on one ruler on the grid (To hide or show the ruler you should press ctrl +R.) Then right click where you will choose from the context menu a new unit. There are a wide variety of units. Blur Tool The Blur tool comes in when you want to do away with some of the lines. The tool is simple and it does wonders as it blurs wrinkles…Keep Reading