How To Install & Use Photoshop Actions & Brushes

If you are a photographer or graphic designer, Photoshop action and brushes are one of the handiest and time-saving tools you have under your utility belt. These tools are like magic, allowing you to transform your designs and photos with a single click. In this guide, we explain how to install and use both Photoshop action and brushes. What are photoshop actions? Photoshop action files have the .ATN extension. They are a series of steps recorded by the creator. The series of steps can be reapplied at any time. In summary, it allows you to recreate the end product without having to go through the series of steps every time. They act work shortcuts. Are they important? Action tools are important since they save time and help you speed up your workflow. With actions, you can bypass frustrations and have fun playing around with different looks just by a click…Keep Reading