If you are a photographer or graphic designer, Photoshop action and brushes are one of the handiest and time-saving tools you have under your utility belt. These tools are like magic, allowing you to transform your designs and photos with a single click. In this guide, we explain how to install and use both Photoshop action and brushes.

What are photoshop actions?

Photoshop action files have the .ATN extension. They are a series of steps recorded by the creator. The series of steps can be reapplied at any time.

In summary, it allows you to recreate the end product without having to go through the series of steps every time. They act work shortcuts.

Are they important?

Action tools are important since they save time and help you speed up your workflow. With actions, you can bypass frustrations and have fun playing around with different looks just by a click of a button.


How do you get to work with actions?

How to install actions

There different ways you can use to install actions on your Photoshop. Follow the below steps to get started.

1. Firstly, you will have to choose the actions to work with.

2. Next download the zip file containing the actions. You will need to unzip the file. This should reveal a new folder containing the .ATN file.

3. Now that you have the .atn file, you can choose to drag it directly to your Photoshop window or use the action panel drop down to select the file and load it on. That’s it.

How to use Actions

Now that you have your actions ready, you can follow these simple steps to use them.

1. Select the layer that you want the actions to be applied to.

2. From your panel, select the action you want to use.

3. Uses the play button situated at the bottom of the panel. Whatever the layer you selected, the action will be applied.

Now that you know how to install action, what about brushes?

What are Photoshop brushes?

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Photoshop brushes are used to draw line and shapes in any color on a layer of a document using strokes. Once you select a brush, you can draw by clicking the left mouse button or by holding a dragging cursor around the page using multiple or single strokes.

Are Photoshop brushes useful?

You can use the brush on Photoshop to replicate physical media like paints. Without a doubt, brushes can be used for everything ranging from patterns, texture to lighting. The versatility and ease of use of this tool make it a handy resource for designers.

How to install Brushes.

Just like installing actions, brushes are easy to install.

1. Select the type of brush that you want to install.

2. Download the zip file containing the brush. Unzip the file and locate the .ABR brush file

3. From the Photoshop window, click edit>Presets> Preset Manager, then select brushes from the drop-down menu and add click on the load button. Otherwise, you can as well drag and drop the .ABR file on the window.

How to use Brushes

From the Photoshop window, select the brush you would like to use. You can use either hold the mouse button or drag the cursor around or use single clicks for placement of brush strokes in order to create some cool effects. If the brush is too big, you can control it. You can always control the mode, opacity, flow, and size of the brush using the settings on the top toolbar.