Having a credit card has a lot of advantages. It is your gateway to travelling, shopping and much more. However, basing on the increase in the number of fraudulent activities. It is best if you employ credit card protection and safety techniques.

This is because, if your credit card falls into the wrong hands, then that could plunge you into a financial crisis. Below are credit card protection and credit safety tips that you should use.

1. Sign The Card Immediately You Receive It

A lot of people are reluctant to signing their credit cards when they receive them. Little do they know that this is the first and most important security measure that you should take. It guarantees that you will be safe in case it falls on the wrong hands.


Moreover, don’t store your pin near your card. You should ensure that in case your card is stolen, the thief isn’t in possession of the pin.

2. Don’t share Your Account Number

When fraudsters get their hands on your account number, you will be in big trouble. Your account number should always remain private. Don’t share it with anyone else other than the bank or a merchant that you highly trust. This is an ideal credit card fraud prevention technique that will ensure your finances are safe.

Also, never respond to emails that are asking for your credit card account number. Opting for paperless statements helps prevent dissemination of your account number information.

3. Receipts Should Be Handled with Care

Don’t just throw your receipts anywhere. It’s best if you shred them so that no one can identify your credit card information. Additionally, always keep tabs on your receipts and be on the lookout for unusual bills.

4. Ensure Your Networks and Devices Are Secure

Gone are the days when people had to break into your house to steal valuable information. Today, hackers can infiltrate your system and find out what they need to.


It is your role to ensure your network and devices are secure. Most of us have saved our credit card information on digital formats. Installing software security measures helps safeguard that information.

5. Approach Online Shopping with Care

Most cases of credit card theft are associated with online shopping. Never fall for those anonymous emails that are promoting a particular product or service. Kindly stick to accredited online vendors. There are some malicious sites that will ask for your credit card information only to rip you off. Only deal with online vendors that have secured sites.

6. Create a Strong Credit Card Password

Most of us have a habit of creating a password from our birthdays or family member’s names. Using such passwords makes you vulnerable to credit card theft.

Since one can easily guess these details. Make sure that you pick a strong password that no one else can guess other than you. Plus, never use the same password for different accounts.

With these credit card protection and safety tips, you can be assured that fraudsters won’t have access to your finances. Additionally, regularly check your credit card activity. If you notice any unusual activity, report the matter right away.