What Is A Good Golf Score For Beginners?

Let us be honest, golf is a challenging game. Players are asked to hit a little ball accurately and move the ball from point X to Z travelling over 250 to 500 yards and get to fall inside a 3 by 3 inch hole. Also remember, the participant is going to come face to face with sand and water hazards, higher bud and out-of-bounds mark, rain, wind, bugs and the occasional cigar and beer. With all these variables at play it is no wonder the same amount for golfing is notoriously large, and in accordance with the National Golf Foundation statistics, over 2.7 million individuals stop playing within the 2000-2010 decade. Is usually associated with “typical” but in golf clubs, that this could not be farther from fact. In reality, it’s been noted that just 1 tenth of one percent of golfers shoot a round at level! So today as…Keep Reading

Nude photography techniques and Tips for Beginners

Nude photography has been a category explored by some of the major photographers in the world, and even if it is delicate in nature, it always results in excellent images. There are various reasons why nude photography is so sensitive. The distinction between porn and artistic nude photography is very thin, and that can be somehow disturbing to some people. That depends on the interpretation of the viewer, of course, but some people are more open-minded than others. Due to this, you can find users who understand the artistic intention in the image while others who might just see a picture of a wholly or slightly nude individual. In this post, we will look at how to execute a successful session of nude photography. Always keep the type of shoot you want to do in mind and treat it in that manner. 1. Connect with Your Subject It is crucial…Keep Reading

Credit Card Protection and Credit Safety Tips

Having a credit card has a lot of advantages. It is your gateway to travelling, shopping and much more. However, basing on the increase in the number of fraudulent activities. It is best if you employ credit card protection and safety techniques. This is because, if your credit card falls into the wrong hands, then that could plunge you into a financial crisis. Below are credit card protection and credit safety tips that you should use. 1. Sign The Card Immediately You Receive It A lot of people are reluctant to signing their credit cards when they receive them. Little do they know that this is the first and most important security measure that you should take. It guarantees that you will be safe in case it falls on the wrong hands. Moreover, don’t store your pin near your card. You should ensure that in case your card is stolen,…Keep Reading

4 Steps to Sharper Photos in Lightroom

Whether for personal or commercial use, showing off perfect photos is very important. You can create the perfection you want using different methods. The mostly used ones are Photoshop and lightroom which are both great at such use. Although you don’t have to have extensive knowledge about such tools to use them, you need to understand the function of each feature to use it well. You also need to understand your needs before applying any features. For example, you have to understand that clarity isn’t the same as sharpness. With lightroom, you can follow the steps below. Step 1: Get the right perspective This can be easily done using the lens correction feature available in lightroom. Depending on the lens you use and the portrait of your image, you can choose the most befitting adobe lightroom sleeklens lens correction tool to help you remove any distortions available in the picture….Keep Reading