Apart from good shoes, you need motivation when running. And is there any other best way to motivate yourself than listening to music or an audiobook of your favorite podcast? Music is not only a motivator but, also a perfect way to kill boredom while you are running. However, without the right pair of headphones and earbuds, the experience can turn to annoying and stress producing. You will be trying to do everything you can to get your device to provide the right sound and ultimately you will not be able to stay focused on your exercise.

But luckily, there is a wide range of magnetic earbuds you can find in the market. The only problem is that you may not be able to identify a good pair especially if it is your first time purchasing. So here is our list of the best magnetic earbuds for running that will help you stay productive throughout the process.

1. Soundpeats Bluetooth Earbuds

Get this great pair from Amazon at only 24.59 dollars. With these earphones, you get to enjoy powerful mids and bass. Plus, they feature a built-in magnetic design that enables them to go up to 7 hours talk/music time.

Soundpeats Bluetooth Earbuds

The pair charges within a short time, after between 1-2 hours to be precise. When you are not using the earphones, you can attach them together and wear like a necklace giving the convenience of running with them.

2. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Looking for headsets that are sweat-absorbent? Look no further than these from Mpow. The pair features nano-coating that makes it possible for them to absorb water. These earbuds provide richer bass and mid, and it may be hard to adapt to that especially if you are used to earbuds with flat or sharp sounds.

You also get an additional pair of memory foam ear tips to help provide a perfect seal and snug fit that makes it easy to store your earbuds safely. The charge time is between 1.5 hours, but they can go up to 9 hours of talk time.

3. BM10 Stereo Metal Magnetic Earbuds

BM10 earbuds come with a lot of comfortable features that enables you to stay comfortable even after hours of listening to music. They feature an ergonomic ear design with silicone. They are lightweight and flexible for both durability and portability.

BM10 Stereo Metal Magnetic Earbuds

Because of the magnetic design function, it can connect two earphones easily. And you can hand them on the neck when not using them. The built-in Bluetooth 4.2 technology also makes it a plus for these earbuds. You can connect two phones simultaneously, all you need is to pair one phone status to link the other.

4. Ipipoo iL93BL Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

There is nothing better than a pair of earbuds that supports noise reduction to provide sounds of high quality. With this pair, you get to enjoy that and so much more. They feature sweat and splash proof that ensures that you remain comfortable during your outdoor activities. Not to mention they can keep playing continuously for 6 hours. They also support multiple device connections which means you can connect with two devices at the same time.

The mentioned above are some of the magnetic earbuds in the market, and the good thing is that they are affordable. When looking for magnetic headsets, it is wise that you look for those that have additional features, for instance, the Bluetooth technology. Also, consider purchasing the ones that allow ease of use.