As a rental host on Airbnb looking to manage your listings better, your primary goal should be to get as many people as possible to click through the listing and make a booking. You have plenty of ways to achieve this. Among them, you can improve your amenities, take professional photos, or even create a stunning web portal for your rental business.

These are some of the things you should be thinking of doing on Airbnb if you’re looking to crank up the number of bookings your listings are getting.

However, there’s one very crucial tactic that every Airbnb host should be thinking of mastering – and that is, how to improve their Airbnb ranking.The point is to make sure that your listing is appearing in many of the search results shown, and here are five crucial pointers to help you out.

Lower your minimum Stay

Lowering your minimum stay will most likely result in your listing appearing in more of the Airbnb search results.Here’s the deal: if you indicate your minimal stay as three days, your listing will not be shown to the guests looking for a room they can only use for a day or two. So you end up missing on them.


To be on the safe side, always make sure you have specified a minimum stay of one night. And after you do this, head to the PriceLabs and fill up your minimum stay at 2 or 3 nights to filter your guests out.

Increase Your Booking Window

Open your calendar to a 12 months booking window to make your listing appear in as many search results as possible. The results will also show visitors that wish to book your home for more than three months.

This is even more important when you don’t have a good handle on some of the special events that happen within your locality (i.e., concerts and conferences). You want to make sure that your Airbnb listing will still be shown to visitors that make their bookings ahead of time.

Lower your Pricing

It’s common for Airbnb hosts to overvalue their rental rooms. This often results in lower occupancy levels.see here, if your occupancy is lower than 50%, then that’s reason enough to revisit your listings and lower your price.The trick is to lower in small increments of 10% as you watch over your occupancy level.

Be Responsive


Learn to respond to your guest on time. Every time someone contacts you, make a point to respond to them sooner enough if not immediately. This will increase the chances of them booking your home. And not just that, your listing gets to show in even more search results.

Eliminate Maximum Stay

If you can, scrape off the maximum number of days that guests can stay in your home.Hosts always worry about a guest overstaying in their home than they are wanted.

It’s understandable, considering some cities grant tenant rights to guests once they stay in a rental property for an upward of 30 days.It’s to be however noted that this is incredibly rare, as most of the guest that check out Airbnb for rental homes don’t book them for more than seven days.