When seeking to be a competitive medical transcriptionist, there are many skills that most employers consider, especially when they seek to hire you. It is therefore very essential that you possess those skills so that you can be competitive. Below are five important skills for medical transcriptions that you can possess to be a competitive candidate.

Good typing skills

As a transcriptionist, you will spend most of your time sitting on a keyboard, therefore you should ensure that you advance your typing skills and become an excellent typist, being an excellent typist does not only mean that you must have pace in your typing, you should also ensure that whatever you have typed has limited to no error.


This is very necessary because of the large number of volumes of the transcribing that is needed for the job.

Computer literacy

Just as other fields, technology has brought about several changes as to how various medical transcriptions are completed.

It is therefore very essential that you be comfortable and get to know various word processing programs as well as software which can be used for instance when you need to type as well as doing research.

An eye for detail

This is a skill that one must have in the medical world, it does not matter on type of role you have, even those people who do not offer hands-on care, they need to have this skill, this is because incorrect, misspelled or an inaccurate transcription can bring about several problems which might also involve legal repercussions, therefore, it is very important for a transcriptionist to be very keen to note and correct any small mistakes that he or she notices.

Ability to multitask

Transcriptionists are always required to perform more than one duty on a regular basis; he or she will not only be typing but also listening to a medical dictation. Besides that, they are also required to do extra research to make a clarification as they perform the functions of that job. As a beginner, you will need to be extra patient as well as doing more practice.

Commitment to the professionalism

This might be considered as the most important skill for a medical transcriptionist. There are several guidelines as well as strict laws that are concerned with the sensitive information in a medical facility as well as privacy within the particular healthcare form.


As a medical transcriptionist, you have an obligation to maintain that confidentiality. It is also important for a transcriptionist to note that he or she must not share the information that is provided to complete the transcribing process.

The above are just five, but there are a lot of these skills that one can put in practice to become a good transcriptionist. To be a good medical transcriptionist, you really need to have a good understanding of grammar, all medical terminologies as well as being a good self-starter. The more you are knowledgeable about these skills and also possess those, the more your chances of being hired are high.