Xmod was created with the player in mind. The player that wants to get straight to the center without having to pass through filters, easter eggs, and side quests that have little to do with the main mission. It’s software that affects the game play giving you the freedom to choose the variables you want to change as you play.

Xmod has become so popular that it has more downloads than some of the games it’s to be applied to Unfortunately, with its growing popularity, criticism also sprouted. A few complained that it was cheating resulting in it being banned on some platforms. Games such as Clash Royal and Clash of Clans once welcomed the app, now they don’t support it

xmodgames apk

What You Need to Know about Xmod APK

Not enough people paid attention to the computer revolution when it started. In fact, it was said that only 5 computers would be needed in the entire world. It’s half a century later and we’re at the point where they are a necessity to life. Programming has gone from something done by a few hobbyists to a full blown industry with countless niches and subsidiaries. The richest man in the world is a programmer. His long time rival created the biggest company in the world and changed the way we use mobile phones.

The mobile sector branched off from the PC to become its own and a billion dollar industry. In it, gaming is gaining more recognition for its fast growth in revenue streams.

In 2014 one of the biggest gaming companies, Skillz gave more than $2 million in prize money for mobile gaming competitions. That’s physical cash been paid for virtual skills.

Skillz is not alone though. Many gaming companies have been shifting focus to the mobile platform resulting in some great releases such as Asphalt 8, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Plants Vs Zombies Injustice, Modern war and many much more

In this fast paced industry, each new day brings the story of a start up that’s gone viral and a giant that fell overnight.

Customer loyalty is fickle and a sequel is no guarantee for a sales. Some of the biggest launches have been dropped for reasons such as

1.) The games became boring and the new levels were repetitive. 2.) The games were too difficult and players found it hard to progress.

To keep you entertained, and let you get to the end, Xmod games was started.

Download XMOD APK

How Xmod Apk Works

Xmod manipulates the gaming software so that the game operates in a way that it wasn’t programmed to By doing this, you get to play the game with different modifications. When playing, you can change many of the variables such as your life bar, remaining time in a timed challenge. Even graphics can be modified, and some places can be accelerated.

Xmod APK also features a plugin that allows for gameplay to continue without you doing anything. Stuck on a boring quest? Let the game work it out Need your character to mine gold? Let Xmod games get on the grind while you focus on other stuff.

Other Xmod Features:

  • Recording software so that you can store all the plays you make.
  • An anonymous forum where users can share their experiences and tips to get the best out of it
  • Software that is extremely user-friendly and is supported on several platforms.
  • The app is updated regularly ensuring you are up to date on the latest changes you can make.

Who Can Use Xmod App?

1.) Any mobile running on Android as long as the device is rooted. There are apps available on Google Play that can tell you whether your device is rooted or not

2.) If you’re using iOS then your phone needs to be jailbroken, because the way that the app manipulates games will make it be identified as malware.

The Benefits of using Xmod

1.) Players can skip hard levels of games

2.) You can get creative with the modifications. The possibilities are endless, and your creativity will be the only thing limiting you

3.) With the forums you are provided with a community of like-minded people with whom you can play with You never have to be alone

4.) You can learn a lot from the videos and pictures people record and share.

The Cons of using Xmod

1.) With this app rules are out the window, and fair play is not possible.

2.) Some games no longer allow it to be used, and you could be banned if caught using it

3.) The terms and conditions are quite aggressive.

Xmod ApK Version Information:

App Name:xmodgames (Xmod)
Support Device:Android and iOS
App Size:9.5 Megabytes (MB)
Developer:XMG Team

Xmod installation process:

  1. Confirm that you are using a jailbroken iOS or a rooted android.
  2. Go to settings and enable unknown sources.
  3. Download the app.
  4. Start the installation process and if on Android grant it root permissions. Xmod APK will then begin to compile a list of games that it can modify. The list will appear on your dashboard.
  5. You should now be ready to make your own modifications. By clicking on the mods tab, you will be presented with a list of modifications you can make to each game on the list. Xmod games will help you show you how to make the mod. Other details that are shown on the list include the version and what the mod can do.
  6. The mod will now be downloaded. When done, it will provide you with its specs through a user interface.

Xmod not only provides you with a list of games but if you go to a game not on the list and it can be modified by the app, a small icon will appear on the screen to let you know. Follow this guide to install and enjoy Xmod on iPhone and iPad (iOS) Devices

Some of the games that support Xmod right now are:

Xmodgames Supported Games
Pokemon Go
Clash Royale
Fallout Shelter
Clash of Clans
Candy Crush Saga
Criminal Case
Asphalt 8
Shadow Fight 2
Modern War
Traffic Rider
Jurassic World
8 Ball Pool
Subway Surfers
Plants Vs Zombies 2
Dead Trigger 2
Angry Birds 2
Minecraft PE


Anything goes in the virtual world. Secret alliances are made over mobile chat and twinking is done with the promise of cold hard cash. Some people might view Xmod as cheating, but we view it as an extension of the game. We play games to escape the confines of the modern world, so why limit a player when they can do so much more? We do warn you that some games will ban you and some gamers could report you for using it, but if you’re into removing all the limits then open Pandora’s Box, and look right in Let us know what you think, because like minions at Villain-con, we’re only here to help.

Xmod Apps Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’S)

1. Clash of Clans can not be launched successfully just after installing COC Mod.
Ans: Clean Xmod Data and Restart Xmod then install latest COC Mod Again.

2. Why Xmod on some Samsung devices not running?
Ans: First make sure your devices are rooted. Xmod only run on rooted devices.

3. Why Xmod unable to detect game Mod?
Ans: Make sure you downloaded the right game mod Or restart your device once then try again.

4. How can I use Xmod accelerator?
Ans: 1. After run apps turn the accelerator ON.
2. Start your desired game through Xmod.
3. Now tap on the floating windows or Xbot and you can able to see Accelerator button.
4. Now just click on Accelerator button and You are set to go!

5. Xmod apps has Stopped on my devices?
Ans: Please clear cache and all data from your device and try after restart your device.

6. Why I can’t able to Run Xbot on my device?
Ans: For some devices Xbot can’t run due to permission issue. But don’t worry I have a solution for you.
1. From Settings go to Installed application then Xmod to Permission Manager.
2. Now allow all the permission that’s asked by the xmod app.

Check this Xmod Video tutorial on youtube: