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How to Pick Perfect CPU

You need to understand your workload. There are two main types of workloads, single-threaded and multi-threaded.


Multi-threaded workload involves operations like browsing the web, listening to music and word processing while multi-threaded workload involves heavy operations like photo editing, video editing and also gaming.


Before you purchase a CPU, the first thing that will ring in your mind is about the price right?You need to check the price of the CPU so that you won’t end up suffocating your wallet for if you’ll take time to compare prices, you might find that CPU which is wallet-friendly and can do the task well.

Compatible With All Browsers

If your workload is single-threaded, you just need a CPU that doesn’t give high power as opposed to heavy-threaded workload. So this is a very important feature to take in consideration.

Power consumption

You want to get the best and also spare some money right? Take time to check the power consumption of every CPU in your list. You will end up getting the best CPU that doesn’t consume much power.


How to Choose Best Laptop for Your Needs

There are different types of laptops which have different capabilities in the market. Here are some factors you need to consider when buying a laptop.


If you spend time comparing prices, you might end up getting the best laptop for your needs at a low price. Read more from our blog to learn more tech news. How cool is that?


Apart from price, another important factor you need to consider is performance. Do you need that laptop capable of taking whatever you throw at it right? Different laptops have different performance

Battery Life

One of the advantages of a good laptop battery is being able to use it without connecting it straight to the power source. Take your time to compare different battery capacities and choose one best battery life in your list.

3 Types of Tech Gadgets Coming in the Future

The main goal of technology is to make the life of human beings easier. Scientists have been up and down trying to create gadgets that are more advanced than the ones we are used to.As we speak, some of them are already in prototype phase if not in the market. Here are some of them.

Umbrellas that Forecast the Weather

Have you ever imagined that there would an umbrella that can forecast the weather? Cool right?

Homes that Transforms at Your Command

Imagine being in that home you don’t have to do anything physically or touch anything. All you need to do is give a command and it is done.

Eavesdropping Coffee Table

It’s also called the Facebook Coffee Table. This table listens to your conversations. It doesn’t record what you are saying but takes the keyword in your conversation like cake for example and displays pictures of cakes.

What not to do when your computers get a virus (pro tips)

Many people who are not tech savvy and owns a computer can be much stressed when its infected by viruses and end up doing these mistakes.

Be aware

Purchasing a New Computer

When your computer is infected, that does not mean it is the end of that computer for it can easily be fixed. All you need to do is to install an anti-virus program on the computer and everything becomes normal again.Worth buying an anti-virus program that will cost a few bucks than buying another computer that might cost you hundreds or thousands.

Be aware

Trying to replace your Hard drive

Changing parts of the computer won’t solve the computer’s problem forever. If you don’t know how to solve this problem, you will always run into problems while using your computer for it will often get affected by computer viruses. TIP: Always make sure you have an anti-virus program on your computer because it will always prevent your computer from being infected.

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